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No. Conference Attended
Title  Author
1 International Conference on Educational Research
Application of Shifting Bottleneck Heuristic in Solving
   Teoh Lay Eng
2 2009 American Society for Engineering Education Northeast Conference.
Optimizing product realization process in the Malaysia's automotive supplier industry with enhanced APQP.
   Lim Ying Pio
3 4th International Conference on Recent Advances in Materials, Minerals and Environment AND 2nd Asian Symposium on Materials and Processing (RAMM & ASMP 2009)
Grain refinement response of aluminum alloy A356 gravity die castings towards TiCal315 grain refiners.
  Lim Ying Pio
4 2009 World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering(CSIE2009)
“An Integrated GIS Database Server for Malaysian Mapping, Cadastral and Location-based Systems (LBS)”, IEEE CS DOI 10.1109/CSIE.2009.938 pp162-167
   Teoh Chee Hooi
5 IEEE CIS-RAM 2008, Chengdu China Sept 2008, pp 1018-1021
Feasibility Study of an automated intruder detection in tropical fish farm
   Tan Ching Seong
6The 3 rd International Conference on Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering in conjunction with 23 rd Symposium of Malaysian Chemical Engineers (SOMChE 2009)
Equilibrium and kinetic studies for Basic Yellow 11 removal by Sargassum binderi
Hii Siew Ling
Tan Pei Ling
Wong Ching Lee